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  • Maternelle (small school)

    The nursery school has more pedagogical than daycare characteristics. It is the stage of early learning which will allow students to build solid foundations. These will be extended into elementary classes and will allow them access to trilingualism at the end.

    It has a teaching program (curriculum) defined by the Ministry of Education of France. As an approved school, it is under the responsibility of the French inspector of the Europe-South East zone who ensures the respect of the programs and more generally of the quality of our school.

    The nursery school welcomes children from 1 year and 8 months. Potty training takes place at the school, if necessary. The class size is limited to 15 students with two teachers who oversee the teachings but also the welfare of the child. In these exceptional conditions of supervision but necessary for the conduct of teaching, the first early learning can begin. This makes the reputation of the French nursery schools all over the world.

    French-speaking and non-French-speaking children can enter our nursery school at all levels.

    The nursery school program is divided into 5 areas of activity:

    • language at the heart of learning;
    • live together ;
    • act and express yourself with your body;
    • discover the world ;
    • sensitivity, imagination, creation.

    You can consult the Special Bulletin Officiel spécial du 26 mars 2015 detailing the kindergarten program.