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EFIS was founded in 1999. French International School in Skopje currently has 96 students (kindergarten and primary school). 

The school is located in a building in urban area, near the city centre, in Karposh municipality where all international schools in Macedonia are located and it offers suitable conditions for development and learning of every student.


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The French school is based on the French language, culture and educational curriculum.

An international school where multilingualism, cultural exchange, openness to the world and dialogue guide human relations.

A school where one learns and where the entire educational community (teachers, students, parents) constantly strives to perfect the pedagogical model.


The pillar of the intellectual and social development is the transmission of basic knowledge and general culture to our children.
Developing of basic competencies such as the desire to learn, rigor, creativity, critical spirit and curiosity.
Directing children to the treasury of the world by teaching them from an early age to speak multiple languages and for cultural exchange.
Valuing talent.