Education according to French curriculum

Our school has a similar education as the schools in France, which is led by teachers appointed by the French Ministry of Education.

It is a pedagogically innovative and ambitious project that allows children from the youngest age to develop the analytical and critical spirit (to understand what we do, what we learn and why we do it).

The individual approach brings students to the maximum of their potential to develop independence, adaptability and responsibility.

For Macedonian students who are enrolled in our school are taught Macedonian or Albanian language according to the curriculum of the Macedonian Ministry of Education.

International School

The school is open to students of all nationalities, regardless of whether their mother language is French or another language. This prestigious French school directs students to the world and its diversity.

Approche pedagogique


EFIS offers its students an education that combines the “best of both worlds”, that is, schooling that combines French-style education with the best elements of international education. Our teachers use methods whose common part is individual and active pedagogy.


In EFIS, starting from kindergarten, English and Macedonian languages are studied for 2 hours per week, from kindergarten children learn vocabulary, songs and start making a few simple sentences: they know how to introduce themselves, tell their age, count, . …

Starting from the first grade, students in EFIS have 3 hours of English and 3 hours of Macedonian/Albanian.

Enseignement des langues-