Kindergarten provides introduction of reading, writing and arithmetic. Its essential goals are socialization, speech development, mathematics and writing, socio-emotional development and the personality of each student. Kindergarten methods favour object manipulation, discovering, experimentation in different domains: art education (art-music), physical health and motor development, discovery of the world around us (nature and society)

First small group of 2-3 year old: children born in 2020

Small group 3-4 years: children born in 2019

Middle group 4-5 years: children born in 2018

Large group 5-6 years: children born in 2017




Kindergarten functions according to an educational model, not caring-for/ baby-sitting model. It represents a phase of early learning that will allow students to build solid foundations that will expand into primary education and provide them a foundation of becoming trilingual students.

The kindergarten curriculum is defined by the Ministry of Education of France as preparation for primary school where is learnt to “become a student” and to develop and structure language (oral language in priority, but also an introduction of written expression, in order to think about the world and start with the analysis of language). Kindergarten is accredited and is under pedagogical responsibility of the French inspectorate of the Southeast Europe – which provides supervision over the implementation of curriculum and generally over the quality of our kindergarten/school.

Kindergarten welcomes children from 1 and a half years old.

If required, diapers weaning can take place in the kindergarten. The size of the groups is limited to 20 children with a teacher and an assistant who conduct the teaching and take care of the children’s hygiene. In these exceptional conditions of the pedagogical environment, but necessary to carry out the activities, the first early learning can start that establish the reputation of French kindergartens around the world.

Children who speak and do not speak French can enrol any group in the kindergarten.

The kindergarten curriculum is divided into 5 domains of activities:

French kindergarten curriculum is developed in 5 domains:

  • Learning the language in all its dimensions (oral and written);
  • Expression, action and understanding through physical activities (sports, games, dance, etc.);
  • Expression, action and understanding through artistic activities (painting, drawing, singing, etc.);
  • Establishing the first tools for structured thinking (counting, comparing, organizing, etc.);
  • Explore the world around self (discover science, time passing, the world around us, etc.).