Children from 6 to 11 years old study in the primary school.

The curriculums are mandatory for all teachers and students.

The school takes into account the multilingualism and diversity of abilities of each student. Along with reasoning and intellectual thinking, the sense of observation, the sense for experimentation, sensitivity, motor skills and creative imagination are also developed.

Education is carried out in French in alignment with the curriculums of the French national education, but from the basic cycle the teaching of modern languages is a priority, in order to provide our students with the keys of the international environment from the earliest age in which they develop.

Therefore, students attend Macedonian or Albanian language lessons 3 hours a week, starting with a small group, lessons held by a Macedonian or Albanian native language teacher.

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English language is added in the middle group, the study of which is uninterrupted until the end of education.

An important note regarding the study of FLE (language support for the teaching of French as a foreign language) allows students, with another mother language, to easily adapt to the teaching of French. Namely, the child who does not learn from his mother language without the cultural characteristics of his environment, and has become part of an unknown language world, can be insecure and find itself in a situation of failure. Hence the application of the FLE system, which enables the involvement of a “bilingual teacher”, as support for the class teacher.