Recognized for its educational philosophy, EFIS is one of the most prestigious French schools in Macedonia combining high standards of education and harmony.

The decision to join our school means choosing an international education where French curriculum is followed. The teaching programs are guaranteed by the partnership with AEFE and the educational approach consists in directing our students to the world.

EFIS offers a multilingual education from kindergarten, that is, classes are held in three languages: French/English (bilingual system) and Macedonian language. Our school’s mission is to help students grow with respect for others and gain self-confidence. This system has a form of pedagogical organization, adapted to the needs of our students and the requirements of the programs.


Excellent French education

EFIS is the acme of the French educational system, a strong international network, a chance in the whole world. The French educational system is known worldwide for its quality. EFIS follows French curricula and is therefore recognized by the French Ministry of Education.

International education

Language learning is primary in acquiring knowledge in various subjects. So in EFIS, you start with two or three adapted languages from kindergarten (French, English, mother language)

Individual approach to work

EFIS teachers attend trainings held by the French education throughout their career. In that way, they can adapt to the children’s different learning rhythm. In addition, the school organizes a special program for students who are enrolled but do not speak French.

Prestigious education

EFIS enables students to develop in a privileged and positive way. Success for our students is guaranteed. Innovative pedagogical methods are aimed at strengthening the will and self-confidence of students, the ability to adapt, think and accept others.

A dual learning network organized globally

EFIS is part of AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) network that enables teachers’ training, doing projects, accreditation and evaluation of the follow-up of the French curriculum in French Schools around the world. AEFE is a guarantee of success for EFIS students due to following the French curriculum.

EFIS is also part of the ODDYSSEY group led by the former Minister of Education: Mr. Luc Chatel. Thus, EFIS belongs to an innovative, organized, structured group that is a leader in projects that contribute to the excellent success of our students.