Odyssey is an international group for French education worldwide that offers, from kindergarten to high school, an excellent education with a French curriculum, innovative pedagogy and international openness. Based in Paris, the Odyssey Group was founded by educational specialists to create a new educational group, combining the best of French and international education.

Odyssey contains 12 schools in Europe, Africa and Asia that are recognized by the French Ministry of Education. Odyssey also contains an Anglophone school accredited by Great Britain: le British International College of Cairo.

Starting from kindergarten, Odyssey schools offer a multilingual school that combines French, English and the mother language of the host country. Languages ​​are taught by French and international teachers who use an active and individual pedagogy.

Students as actors in the education, become more independent and become enlightened future citizens, thanks to a “French-style” education, which is based on human values. Students in Odyssey schools find a genuine community that opens them up to the world, and allows them to thrive and develop the essential skills for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century.

In every Odyssey school, the educational personnel is highly qualified and strive to guide the child to succeed in the process of building its future in higher education. Diplomas for our students are a real passport in the world and open the doors to the best universities.

Recognized by the French authorities by the quality and educational offer, the Odyssey Group has signed an agreement with The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), playing the role of educational operator and privileged partner in the network of the French education abroad.