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  • Elementary education

    The primary school welcomes  children from 6-11 years of age. The education is compulsory for all pupils and teachers.

    The school takes into account the plurality and diversity of the skills of each student. Besides reasoning and intellectual reflection, the sense of observation, the taste for experimentation, the sensitivity, the motor skills and the creative imagination are developed.

    The teaching is done in French in accordance with the programs of the French National Education. From the  primary cycle, the teaching of modern languages ​​is a priority, in order to give to the pupils the keys of the international environment in which they evolve from their youngest age.

    Thus, students must benefit from 3 hours a week of Macedonian lessons, from the small group, provided by a native Macedonian teacher.

    English is added from the middle group in nursery school, the practice of which is uninterrupted until the end of schooling.

    What is important to mention is that our school teaches French as a foreign language, in order to support and help the native Macedonian pupils. This allows them to later enter the francophone world easily and successfully.

    “Deprived of their mother tongue and reassuring landmarks of their cultural environment, children, immersed in a linguistically foreign world, can be greatly destabilized and find themselves in a situation of failure”. This is why we pay specific attention to teaching French as a foreig language. The main aim being to easily enter the French educational system.