The World of Eric Carle

Денешната работилница беше многу успешна. Сите уживавме во приказната, вредните рачиња на дечињата направија многу интересни изработки.

Ве чекаме повторно на 6 Мај со нова приказна !

Small scientists will become BIG!

As early as 3 years old our students are studying the sciences by experimenting the liquids properties, static electricity, the volcanic eruption and other exciting scientific phenomena. 1 class per day exposes their project to the other students.




Aujourd’hui les grands ont joué les apprentis photographes ! zoom, Macro, grand angle,… ils ont pris Skopje par tous les côtés pour préparer une future exposition.


Wishes 2017

Dear Parents, Dear friends,A few days away from this year’s end, I am using this traditional greetings message to share with you these words from the writer philosophe and poet Paul Valéry, that are giving some sense to our action. “Education is not confined to childhood and adolescence. Education is not limited to school only.…