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  • A letter from the principal

    Dear Parents,

    At the start of my third year as a principal of EFIS, we are entering a double phase of

    consolidation and innovation.

    The whole team will continue working on the strengths of our establishment, namely strengthening linguistic paths (English and national languages), developing teacher training (thanks to the ZESE training unit, internal skills, in partnership with the French Institute), and working for the success of all our students.

    Our school must also continue to be strongly involved in the projects initiated by our partner networks, AEFE and MLF, as it has done in recent years. It must perpetuate its fruitful partnership with the French Institute and continue to open up to the outside world. We will finally try to explore the educational paths recommended by the Office of

    INE: involving pupils and parents more in school life and projects,

    develop informatics, use new tools…

    However, our priority will always be the success of our children, our pupils…